Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mamli, Bablu & Chandana

Chandana was a neighbor for a couple of years and a very good friend of Mamli. Her father shifted to Bangalore recently (he works for Motorola). These photos were taken a day before they left.

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Meghu & Chikoo (And Mani, Of Course)

Mani sent me these photos of Chikoo & Meghu recently.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Srisailam Trip, June 2007

We visited Srisailam on June 2, 2007. This time my in-laws were with us. The last time we had taken my parents (Oct 2004).

We drove from Hyderabad, leaving at about 7.20 am on Saturday morning. I drove most of the way, with Nana (my father-in-law) taking over for a stretch just before the first Ghat section before Srisailam.

Arrived at about 12.00 noon and checked into the AP Tourism's Punami hotel. The rooms were okay. Double bedded, AC and clean. Not worth the 1000/- rupees they charge but they are the best available.

We took a ride on the Patal Ganga Rope way that afternoon. The ride is short but nice. Very crowded though, with the usual Indian disregard for queues. I had to shield Mamli (my daughter) and literally push people away so that we get in. Anyway, that is nothing new. You find similar behavior where you go, be it a tourist place or the newest Mall. The only difference is the people who push you around. In the Malls they are expensively dressed but as uncouth as their poorer counterparts elsewhere.

The temple experience was the typical South Indian commercialized bullshit. Temples here are no longer places that you go to worship. There are money generating machines where the poor Gods are prostituted to the populace for money. Rather sad. I have seen the same thing in Tirumula and other South Indian temples. And even when you fork out cash, you are still cheated by the Temple authorities. They behave like a pimp that wants to get the maximum number of clients each night for his "girls".

The Shri Shri Jaganath temple in Puri, Orissa (my home state), provides a sharp contrast. You have to be a Hindu to enter. But you can enter at will and stay for as long as you want. There are no queues or Darshan Tickets! My time with my God is ours. And I don't have to pay anybody for the privilege of seeing my God and praying to him.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Bablu's 3rd Birthday Video

Holy 2007

Bablu's 3rd Haircut

Bablu's 3rd Birthday

Bablu turned 3 on March 21, 2007. Padmaja made a simple cake that day as we were planning a party a couple of weeks later.

We organized a small party for Bablu's friends and their mothers (yes!) on April 6th (Good Friday). Bablu wanted a Drum Cake (a cake shaped like a drum).

All of Bablu's friends were there. Padmaja & Mamli slogged through the day to get the cake and other party food ready. Bablu & I lazed around till it was time to decorate with the balloons and Happy Birthday banners :-)

Bablu was very excited to start with. Later though he got tired of his friends playing with his toys :-)

Well, the chap is a big boy now! Still drinks milk with a spoon though :-)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

9th Marriage Anniversary - Sahib Sind Sultan, Hyderabad

Feb 2, 2007. Our 9th marriage anniversary. It was a Friday and we returned from work at the usual time. I had booked us a table at Sahib Sind Sultan, the new restaurant in City Center, Banjara Hills. We first went to the Srinagar Colony Temple to pray at Shiva's shrine.

These snaps were taken in Sahib Sind Sultan.

Bablu's Haircut

Bablu had a hair cut yesterday morning. This one was his third. The first time all his hair was shaved off. The second time was a regular hair cut. This time I decided to take some photos to post here.

Getting started.

Down, down...

Okay, the sides now...

How much longer ???

All done!